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Day 2: Silicon Valley – Mariposa

What a great day to have a jet lag! I woke up around 4am, my body determined not to sleep at all.. ideal for checking some mails and fixing some stuff! At around 6.30am I went to the fitness to continue my preparation for the Corrida run the end of December. Thanks biorythm, just after I had began my workout other guests were arriving as well and the small gym was completely full.

After a checkout I decided to go for a Starbucks for real breakfast – but I found Noah next to it.
Unfortunately there was a long queue (food must be that good, right?) and afterwards a problem with my order registration. The owner wanted to apologise so he was basically giving me a free lunch and a voucher for a bagel the next time – what a service! The food was actually good, the coffee a bit strange with the additional flavour when I expected a strong one 🙂

Noah's New York Bagels

After the breakfast I went to Sprouts for some basic groceries: lots of water for Yosemite and all the car trips, some fruit to keep my diet somewhat healthy 😉 The apples where shining so hard I could almost use them as mirrors – but glad I bought at least the bio-organic stuff.

Fruit and water - living the healthy life ;-)

In the afternoon I went to visit Silicon Valley – had to do that as a technology enthusiast! After visiting 1 Infinite Loop and Intel, I finished with the Googleplex. Was really baffled by the large, nice environment, the thrilling vibe of people sharing new ideas. I gave up looking for the Android statues but when I got in my car I could see them on the campus across the street, hooray!

KitKat and me

Initially I planned to go to Stanford and the completely renewed Apple Store over there, but is was already running late – around 3pm and I had a large trip to do with the car. In an ideal world, I would have arrived at around 6pm in Mariposa. Unfortunately, rush hour seemed to be started so I was stuck in one traffic jam to another one. At 7pm I really needed a break, so stopped in Modesto for a quick dinner and refilling my car. I was hitting for the McDo, but upon entering, I immediately turned around. The place was full of screaming families, not the place to rest a bit and check whats new on the internet. Next to it was a Mexican fast-food chain. Learned that tipping really offers another level of hospitality, unfortunately no wifi. Slow cooked burritos, but taste was awful, not my cup of tea.

Slow-cooked food, not always great

At around 7.30, hitting the road for the final stage to Mariposa. I hoped to do this in the daylight to see the surroundings change, but it was already dark so I mostly saw the reflectors on the roads and the headlights of some other late-night cruisers.

When I arrived at the Best Western in Mariposa, I was tired – already up from 4am, a long day! Luckily the owners/receptionists at the hotel where very friendly, they even gave me advice on how to make the most of my trip to Yosemite!

When I got in my room, I didn’t have much energy left, so it’s the second dat in a row I’m not testing the swimming pool of the place I’m staying. As soon as I hit the sheets, I started a long, revitalising sleep…