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Day 3: Yosemite

Sleeping without waking up in the middle of the night is not yet possible (thank you jetlag!), so the initial plan of waking at 7 and departing at 8 changed a bit 🙂


At 8 I was enjoying the continental breakfast so I hit the road a bit later. Since I followed the advice from the receptionist, I was taking the longer route to have the scenic tunnel view and to see the sequoias in Mariposa Grove – a truly great tip!

Yosemite as seen from tunnel view

I started the 4 mile trail in the afternoon instead of the morning. At the trailhead, people warned me of heavy wind above and of the clouds that where approaching. I started the trail anyway, making very good progress as well. I enjoyed every view and was every turn surprised with new beauty! When I was nearing the top, wind was rather heavy and dark clouds where coming from two sides.. So I decided to go to union point (at around 3 miles of the 4.8 mile trail) and to save glacier point for a later trip.

When I got on the road to Fresno, my gps advised me to take road 49 instead of 140. The result? At the crosspoint to Glacier Point, I decided to take the ride. When I got up there, the sun was setting over the valley.. A great moment!

 Back on my way back to Fresno, I was yet another day driving in the dark to my hotel. I managed to avoid a deer that crossed the road just in front of me, luckily my Mustang has great brakes!

When I arrived in my hotel, I decided I could take a small walk to the In’n Out burger restaurant across the street – highly recommended to me by Ben. The Fries where worthless but boy did that burger taste great!

In'n Out Burger