Things I can't say in 140 characters

Day 1: BRU > LHR > SFO

Thanks to my employer, ACA IT-Solutions, I will be attending Atlassian Summit in San Francisco from October 1st till October 3rd. I decided to leave a week early and to do a small roadtrip to discover California, the Golden State.

Today I took the British Airways plane from Brussels to London and from London to San Francisco. After more than 12 hours flying, 4 hours queuing, checking and being checked I was finally able to see the sun setting on San Francisco Airport! Some pictures to show the wicked life on a plane:

Rental car

When I arrived at the airport I had to pick up my rental car at Avis. After taking the blue monorail until the end, the Avis desk was easy to find: the one with the long queue. When it was finally my turn, I had to keep showing them my reservation, which they seem to ignore. I preordered at Connections in Leuven an intermediate car, example the Chevrolet Cruze. The Avis employee offered me a Ford Mustang, I asked her if that car was included in my category to which she answered me yes.. Still a strange feeling, especially with the very negative reviews on Yelp – seems like they love to trick customers into paying expensive upgrades. But hey, here I am, driving a muscle car!