Things I can't say in 140 characters

Day 7: San Simeon – San Francisco

On the last day of my roadtrip I planned to travel the scenic Highway 1 from San Simeon to Carmel and then change to the shorter Highway 101 to arrive in San Francisco in the afternoon. It was great to drive this highway between San Simeon and Carmel – the best recommendation I could get! At every turn of the road you see a new kind of beauty, places that would be great on postcards. On a next visit, I will definitely take a whole day for this stage, that would allow me to visit Big Sur and Carmel.

 In the afternoon I met a colleague and his girlfriend to spent some time together in SF – no better way to end this roadtrip 🙂

Day 6: Los Angeles – San Simeon

This day must be one of the warmest days, I read 38 degrees Celsius on multiple signs! Days are flying so fast – time to take a trip to Venice beach, Santa Monica Pier and get going to San Simeon where my next hotel is waiting for me!

Day 5: Vegas to LA

I had spent a respectable of time in the casino, so the alarm clock was set for 10am. Just enough time to enjoy a nice shower in my 4 star room and morning view on the strip (meh).

The strip by daylight loses lots of it's magic

I got a voucher for breakfast but the line was so long I decided to skip it and go immediately to the premium shopping area!

Nothing exciting to tell about however: I went looking for some running gear and found some useful things.. And things I probably didn’t need. I do love the American shopping experience: they measured my body to find the shirt that really fitted me. They even fetched other sizes and colors while I stayed in the fitting rooms, awesome service! In the evening, I went to my next stop, Los Angeles while seeing the sunset in the dessert..

Day 4: Viva Las Vegas!

This day I drove for hours to reach the greatest destination of the whole desert: Las Vegas!

I arrived at dawn, in a city that was already full of lights, action and energy.

I’m staying in Paris Las Vegas, very easy to recognize my hotel 🙂 Also a large one, I got a room on the 29th floor, with a view on the Bellagio fountains!

That night I ate my burger and had a great chat with a local, walked across so many bombastic hotels and wagered a bet in the Paris Casino – and lost of course 🙂